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2012 is a special year for Channel 3 of the Polish Radio - precisely on 1 April, Trójka, as it is often dubbed, is celebrating its 50th anniversary. For this occasion, many programmes and events have been prepared in the unmistakable Trójka-style for the hosts of devoted listeners. They will be permeated with the unique Trójka humour, which is certain to take a step away from the humdrum of everyday life.

Channel 3 of the Polish Radio was created in 1962, and from the very beginning its programmes were aimed at audiences with sophisticated musical and literary tastes.

Trójka surprises with its diversity. While morning and afternoon programmes “Zapraszamy do Trójki” (“Trójka invites”) professionally cover current national and world affairs, evening and weekend broadcasts are a prime source of information on high culture - theatre, literaturę, film and art. All of this is accompanied by first-rate music, carefully selected by programme creators. Trójka, nevertheless, is chiefly about its faithful listeners — people with diverse musical tastes, political views and interests, yet united in one thing: expectations of quality coupled with an ear for the word and music - two things Trójka excels at.

Channel 3 has always shaped its listeners' musical tastes. In the 70s, when rock music had settled in the station for good, Trójka became a veritable centre of artistic life, and so it remains to this day. It cooperates with the most distinguished musical artists, composers and lyrics writers. The magic of the Musical Studio of the Polish Radio, named after Agnieszka Osiecka, attracts musicians of international renown, who like performing and recording there. The music programmes of Channel 3 currently on air - typically with a very strong profile - cover almost any genre, including off-mainstream ones, such as electronic and alternative music, sung poetry or film scores.

Trójka is also a trustworthy and reliable source of information. Its listeners can tune in to numerous programmes relating current social and political events, with commentary provided by recognised politicians, economists and experts. Since 1992, Trójka has organised a popular competition named “Srebrne Usta” (“Silver Lips”), in which the listeners choose the funniest quotes from politicians.

The offer of Channel 3 also includes programmes about culture, theatre, literature, film and art. The quality of these is guaranteed by both their distinguished authors and the invited guests -representatives of social and cultural life from Poland and abroad. Trójka promotes young musicians, writers and film makers, in particular debutants, who have traditionally attracted been by the magic and legend of the Channel.

Finally, Trójka features top-notch entertainment, delighting the listeners with its humour. It presents both the work of young, often avant-garde cabaret artists, as well as archived classics, the highlights in the history of Polish entertainment.

The hallmark of the station is its committed listener base. Concerts at the Agnieszka Osiecka Musical Studio of the Polish Radio, benefit performances honouring the most important figures of Polish culture, open days, field broadcasts and open-air events all provide an opportunity to meet the listeners, to reflect and exchange opinions. We are constantly challenging our listeners intellectually. We know that they will not settle for just anything in terms of content and form, nor will they accept the rising tide of mediocrity. This is a serious commitment - says Magda Jethon, long-time journalist and Editor-in-Chief of Channel 3.

The listeners' sensitivity - and their incredible generosity - comes to the fore during the annual charity fund raiser called “Idą Święta” (“Here comes Christmas”). The funds collected at auctions of items donated by artists, politicians and athletes are used to support child foster homes.

The jubilee celebrations will continue throughout the year. In this context, Trójka will air new programmes, special broadcasts and concerts.

A special feature of the anniversary will be a show entitled “Trójka do potęgi” (“Trójka to the power”). Its festive premiere will take place on 30 March at 7 p.m. at the Syrena Theatre in Warsaw. The show (based on a book by Grzegorz Miecugow, adapted by Wojciech Zimiński), directed by Wojciech Malajkat is a combination of comedy and a whodunit. It will star outstanding actors and journalists who have been in various ways involved in the activity of Channel 3, such as Katarzyna Figura, Beata Ścibakówna, Marek Kondrat, Piotr Machalica, Zbigniew Zamachowski, Zbigniew Hoidys and Artur Andrus.

Trójka's programme offer is supplemented by its website,, via which Channel 3 reaches across the entire globe.

Anna Perek-Zaborska
The Polish Radio