Monety Expo Warsaw 2012

The first edition of MONETY EXPO WARSAW will be held on 1 and 2 of September 2012 in the International Centre EXPO XXI, hall 4. The organizer of this fair is Polskie Biuro Numizmatyczne. It will be supported by the world-famous numismatic fair from Germany NUMISMATA. NUMISMATA has been established 1970 and meanwhile is the largest international numismatic fair in the world for its variety, which is held four times annually in Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt and Vienna The excellent and experienced support offered by the NUMISMATA is surely the road to success for the new MONETY EXPO WARSAW fair.

Exhibitors from all over the world are expected to come to Warsaw. Only selected dealers will be admitted to this fair, in order to guarantee the high quality of the event and thereby ensure the satisfaction of the visitors. The high standard of the goods offered must be met. Buyer protection is the top priority for the organizers.

For centuries already it has been one of the most favourite hobbies and passions of many people to collect currency and stamps. Money used by people fascinates collectors, because it represents history and is a scarce good. Many coins are made of precious metals as gold and silver. This fact makes numismatics much more attractive. That is why the number of collectors, who besides collecting wants to invest their money, is increasing constantly. Attending a fair is the best solution to snatch good bargains and pieces, as well as to discover seldom seen rarities.

There are many numismatic and philatelic fairs held all over the world. For collectors these fairs provide a great opportunity to meet and buy from prominent names in the worldwide collectibles trade. For companies and sales houses it offers a fantastic and well-organised environment for business – something appreciated by both private customers and professionals alike. It is amazing possibility for numismatists from the whole world to get together and share their business or hobby.

On offer, there will be coins from the ancient world to the present day, Euro coins, primitive money, paper money, historic securities, bonds, stocks and shares, medals; classic and modern stamps and letters from all over the world, first day covers, postcards; specialist literature and accessories, specialist advice and valuations.

Warsaw is becoming more and more popular among tourists destinations and a very important city in the European Union. It has become an important commercial enter and its ever-growing economic strength has been noticed globally. So it is in an important economic hub in Eastern Europe and it is high time to let a new numismatic and philatelic meeting point arise also in Warsaw. A new venue for the Classical Collectibles trade, an important event at which collectors and dealers from all over the world can meet face to face, should emerge. The capital of Poland is an ideal place for the further development of numismatics and philately in Europe, so all coin and stamp lovers should not miss out this very interesting new fair – MONETY EXPO WARSAW.