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Warta Poznań

The sport club “Warta” was formed on 15 June 1912. The founders – in addition to an instant association with the name of the river flowing through Poznań – aimed to evoke other connotations of the word “warta” (which denotes guard duty in Polish). The side, founded under the then German rule, was supposed to be a sportive organisation which cultivated and “stood on guard” of the Polish national identity. In the interwar period, the team won the Polish Championship (1929), in the years 1922, 1925, 1928 and 1938 finished as runner-ups. The list of core players who played for the Polish national team at the same time included: Marian Spojda – slain in the Katyn massacre, Wawrzyn Staliński – participant of the Olympic Games in Paris, Marian Fontowicz – participant of the Olympic Games in Berlin. Fryderyk Scherfke was the outstanding striker (scored 131 goals). He participated in the Olympic Games in Berlin. Under Nazi occupation, the footballers continued their activity; in Poznań – as “Wilda” team and in POW camps in Woldenberg and Gross Born – under the name of KS “Warta” (SC Warta). On 18 March 1945 the Club was reactivated. Next year, the team took the Vice-Champion title. The following years witnessed the development of a dynamic multi-section club located near Hipolit Cegielski factory and extension of facilities, including a 60-thousand capacity stadium.

For many years the Greens have entered games with changing fortunes, playing in the Polish top, second or third league by turns. The team has produced such famous footballers as: Maciej Żurawski, Grzegorz Rasiak, Krzysztof Ratajczyk, Arkadiusz Onyszko, Arkadiusz Kaliszan, Tomasz Iwan and Tomasz Magdziarz – the team captain for the last 10 years. The side attracted well known football coaches – not only from Poland - Gyula Biro, Bela Furst, Karol Vogl and managers and head coaches of the Polish national team: Kazimierz Śmiglak, Antoni Brzeżańczyk, Tadeusz Foryś and Michał Matyas. Whereas the Club, which celebrated its centenary in 2012, has seen a lot of wonderful moments, it has also weathered difficult times of wars and political transitions. Warta Poznań has produced champions and World and Europe record holders, dozens of Olympic athletes, hundreds of champions of Poland. It established a valuable and laudable tradition. There are but few football clubs in Poland which may boast such an outstanding history.

Zbigniew Śmiglak
Former footballer, Director of SC “Warta Poznań”