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Grzegorz Ciechowski

Grzegorz Ciechowski (29 August 1957–22 December 2001) – the most outstanding poet of the Polish rock music, composer, music producer, musician, leader and frontman of Republika rock band. He performed solo as Obywatel G.C. and Grzegorz z Ciechowa. He started as a poet, but turned to music in search for a stronger form of communication for his literary work. In 1980, he debuted with his first volume of poems, however, it was the first concerts with Republika, played around that time, that set the path of Ciechowski’s further development as an artist. The artistic work of Grzegorz Ciechowski continued since then - only for 21 years - yielded a number best-selling albums. A true visionary, he proved consistently successful, whatever artistic impersonation he assumed. Founded by Ciechowski, Republika was the precursor of the so-called new wave on the Polish musical stage. Such musical pieces as “Biała flaga” (White flag) or “Kombinat” (Industrial Plant), despite the passage of time, continue to carry a valid and current message. Thanks to remarkable music and the lyrics telling the story of oppression and lack of freedom in the reality of a totalitarian state, Republika gained legions of fans in 1980s. In the period when he performed solo - under the artistic name of Obywatel G.C. - he wrote next musical pieces of key importance for the Polish musical stage, and brought to it new artistic quality. His second solo album “Tak!Tak!” (Yes!Yes!), the first ever album released in Poland on a CD, besides the title song, brought a very special song entitled “Nie pytaj o Polskę” (Don’t ask about Poland). Ciechowski soon started to work on film music and became a music producer for other artists. At that time, he cooperated with Mona Mur and Dieter Meier, the co-founder of the Swiss band Yello. Later on, Ciechowski produced, among others, the debut albums of Kasia Kowalska, Justyna Steczkowska. He was the precursor of the comeback of folk music; in 1996, using the stage name Grzegorz z Ciechowa, he released the album entitled “OjDADAna”, infused with the sounds of Polish folk music. Grzegorz Ciechowski died suddenly on 22 December 2001 after a long and complicated heart surgery.

Przemysław Wałczuk