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Poznań Town Hall

The Poznań Town Hall is the greatest Renaissance building in the Wielkopolska region and one of the most beautiful buildings in the whole of Poland. The oldest mention of the building dates to 1310. It was probably erected just a little earlier, at the turn of the 13th century. In the mid-16 century, most of the old building was destroyed in a great fire. The city commissioned the Italian architect Giovanni Battista di Quadro from Lugano, who rebuilt the modest Gothic building into the magnificent, stately seat of the municipal authorities that we admire to this day.

From a bird’s-eye view of Poznań we can clearly see that the building of the town hall sits at a slight angle relative to the frontage of the market square buildings. It is believed that this was made on purpose. As a result, when we enter the Old Market from Wielka Street, previously one of the most important arteries in the city, we get the impression that the town hall is even bigger than in reality.

However, even without this architectural trick, there is a lot to admire. The three-storey loggia is richly decorated with reliefs depicting the virtues of town councilors: patience, prudence, love, righteousness, faith, hope, courage and moderation. It also carries images of Polish kings and ancient characters. The facades are embellished with numerous Latin inscriptions. The building’s tower is topped with a large crowned white eagle, the symbol of Polish statehood.

Between the loggia and the tower there are three smaller towers forming an attic. Their shape resembles a defensive wall - a theme known from the coats of arms of many cities. The central tower has a clock, over which two mechanical goats are butting heads every day at noon, which is one of Poznań’s best-known tourist attractions.

Currently the interiors of the town hall serve as the seat of the Museum of History of the City of Poznań (a branch of the National Museum). Its collection includes approx. 12 thousand items documenting over 750 years of the city’s history. The most representative room of the City Hall is the Great Hall - still used for the most important events in the life of Poznań.

Mayor of the City of Poznań
Jacek Jaśkowiak