Coin's catalogues

Cataloque prices for year 2016 and auction prices

What is the influence of catalogues for market (auction) prices? Which of polish numismatics catalogues is the best? Each year in Poland a few catalogues about collector coins are issued. The most popular ones (polish titles):

  • Parchimowicz - Katalog monet polskich obiegowych i kolekcjonerskich (Catalogue of polish collector and occasional coins)
  • Fischer - Katalog monet polskich (Catalogue of polish coins)
  • Suchanek - Katalog popularny monet polskich (Popular catalogue of polish coins)
  • Kurnik - Katalog monet polskich (Catalogue of polish coins)

Catalogue and auction (market) prices

Following graphs describe percentage differences between market (auction) and catalogue prices for each catalogue. The point of reference (line 0) is the market price (mouth 12) in the year 2016. The highest number of points is nearby point of reference (line 0) the better is catalogue in price prediction.

Catalogue and auction prices graph

Catalogue and auction prices graph

Catalogue and auction prices graph

Which catalogue is the best?

In each catalogue one can find basic information about coins: image, year of issue, dimensions, metal, finish, diameter, weight, mintage and catalogue price. Functionally catalogues can be describe as is in the following table.

 Catalogue parameters
  cover image467453468452
  arrangementchronological with face valuechronological with face valuewith face valuewith face value
  coin's identyficationthe samechangeablethe samethe same
  format180×115 mm206×147 mm178×125 mm210×148 mm
 Collector coins prices analysis
  number of coins379371379369
  maximum price deviation112 %91 %167 %118 %
  average price deviation35 %25 %39 %48 %
 Nordic Gold coins prices analysis
  number of coins260267260260
  maximum price deviation368 %92 %140 %323 %
  average price deviation65 %33 %42 %75 %