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Polish Olympic Team – PyeongChang 2018

The Polish national team has participated in all the Winter Olympics to date – from Chamonix (1924) to Sochi (2014). However, Poland has never been a force in winter sports – it is enough to recall that until 1998 Poland had won only four medals. After that it was better – Poland brought back two medals from both Salt Lake City (2002) and Turin (2006), while the team brought back six medals from both Vancouver (2010) and Sochi (2014). The performance in Russia was particularly successful, bringing four gold medals, one silver and one bronze for the white and reds. The gold medals were won by Kamil Stoch (he won two gold medals, on both ski-jumps), Zbigniew Bródka (1500 m speed skating) and Justyna Kowalczyk (cross-country skiing – 10 km classical).

The two commemorative coins issued by Narodowy Bank Polski in 2018 refer precisely to these successes (of four years ago).

The gold coin presents the silhouette of a sportsman on the inrun of the Olympic ski-jump hill. Next to this is the logo of the Polish Olympic Committee, and on the perimeter of the coin the inscription “Polska Reprezentacja Olimpijska PyeongChang 2018” (Polish Olympic Team PyeongChang 2018). On the obverse are the state emblem, the inscription “Rzeczpospolita Polska” (Republic of Poland) and the face value, and in the background are snowflakes.

On the silver coin, apart from the logo of the Polish Olympic Committee and the words “Polska Reprezentacja Olimpijska PyeongChang 2018” (Polish Olympic Team PyeongChang 2018), we can also see an image of the speed-skating team. In Sochi Poland’s athletes won a silver medal in the women’s event, and in the men’s, a bronze. On the other side of the coin is the inscription “Rzeczpospolita Polska” (Republic of Poland), the state emblem, the face value, and the silhouette of the Olympic ski-jumping hill in PyeongChang.

In the XXIII Winter Olympics Poland’s team would like to achieve similar results as four years ago. We all know that such a success will not be easy. Sport is sometimes unpredictable …

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