Interesting facts

Start of the auction service Collector

The National Bank of Poland start up the Kolekcjoner auction service, through which will conduct the sale of issued collector coins and banknotes starting from the beginning of 2010. From 2010 new issues of gold and silver coins as well as collector banknotes will be available for purchase only at Internet auctions organized through NBP service. The distribution principles of occasional Nordic Gold alloy 2 zł coins intended for circulation will remain unchanged.

The auctions will be open to individual collectors and to companies - both domestic and foreign. The participation in an auction will be conditional on the previous registration of an account and its activation.

An English version of the Kolekcjoner service has been prepared for customers from abroad - both private and institutional. Separate forms for account registration in the system have been prepared as well.

Auctions will be announced at least 7 days before their opening and will last for 3 days. During this period each authorized user will be allowed to submit up to 5 offers containing the amount of coins or banknotes and price for each item. For certain user groups - i.e. for private collectors and institutional customers - separate quantitative limits will be set for the purchase of collector items. After the termination of the auction, the system will analyze all the offers and on their basis will establish the final sale price of collector coins or banknotes.

Coins acquired at the auction will be available for collection, either personal or by an authorized person, within the established period of 2 weeks in the NBP Regional Branch indicated by the user at the moment of entering the given auction. Private customers will pay for coins or banknotes at the moment of their receipt. Institutional users will make the payments by transfer to the account indicated in an e-mail sent after the termination of the auction. They will be able to collect coins or banknotes after making the payment at the indicated NBP Regional Branch or in the Cash and Issue Department.