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30th Anniversary of the Reactivation of Caritas Poland 

In 2020–2021, we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the reactivation of Caritas Poland. The organisation was reactivated pursuant to the Decree of the Polish Episcopal Conference of 10 October 1990 as an institution drawing inspiration from the charitable and social activities conducted in Poland in the past, which were interrupted during the reign of the Communist regime.

Caritas Poland is a pastoral charitable institution of the Catholic Church and the largest social welfare and charitable organisation in Poland. It provides professional, multidimensional aid to people who suffer from exclusion and poverty and go through life with various sorts of deficits. Acting as their voice and advocate, Caritas Poland draws on the clearly defined values of the Gospel, which determine the criteria used to assess social reality as well as the principles of proper conduct: the common good, solidarity, and love.

The activities of Caritas Poland are focused on people in need, who are provided with material, psychological, and spiritual help. The organisation particularly supports families, children and adolescents, seniors, disabled people, the homeless, people suffering from addictions, prison leavers, migrants, and refugees.

Additionally, Caritas Poland is active in the field of education and raising public awareness, and also provides humanitarian and developmental aid on all continents. The organisation also represents 45 diocesan Caritas centres located throughout Poland, supporting them in the performance of their tasks. Caritas Poland is a member of the Caritas Internationalis and Caritas Europa confederations, and also cooperates with the Vatican-based Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development.

The obverse of the coin carries a depiction of the Good Samaritan helping the attacked and wounded traveller and a quote from the Gospel of St Matthew (Mt 7:20) in the Polish and Latin language versions.

The reverse of the coin features the jubilee logotype of Caritas Poland and an inscription announcing the 30th anniversary of the institution’s reactivation

Urszula Bejma, PhD