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Protection of Poland’s Eastern Border

In summer 2021, Poland confronted a threat to its borders on a scale unseen for many years. The dictatorial regime of Alexander Lukashenko in Belarus started to bring over thousands of migrants, mostly from Asian countries, who hoped to illegally cross into the European Union. Cooperation with criminal groups specialising in human trafficking and widespread distribution of visas have led to the concentration at the Polish border of large groups of migrants trying to cross it. Armed by Lukashenko’s regime with tools for destroying barriers and objects for attacking border guards, the groups of migrants made attempts at breaking into the territory of Poland. Gas and stun grenades, blinding lasers and pneumatic weapons were also used.

Officers of the Podlaski and Nadbużański Border Guard Units as well as their colleagues seconded from other regions were deployed to actively protect the 418 km long Polish- Belarusian border. They received support from the Police and the Polish Army.

By December 2021 the Polish Border Guard officers together with police officers and soldiers had foiled some 40 thousand illegal border crossing attempts. As some migrants resorted to various forms of violence, many of those protecting Poland’s territory were injured. Since the beginning of the artificially orchestrated crisis, the Border Guard have been informing the people brought to Belarus that they are being used for the purpose of destabilising Poland. All those in need of aid are given aid, but permit to stay is awarded only to the migrants who are genuine refugees.

In the face of actions having all the appearances of a hybrid war, Border Guard officers as well as police officers and soldiers demonstrate the utmost professionalism and dedication to the Polish state and its citizens.

Artur Adamski