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The Polish Family

The coin inaugurates a series devoted to Poland – its meaning in the lives of Poles.

The concept of homeland is imbued with values relating to universal social and family ties, which are closely associated with the culture of the milieu where generations after generations are raised. To quote Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński, Primate of Poland, “the family is the cradle of human life and development. Its stability, faith and moral strength.” A loving, supportive family – whose enduring ties provide a sense of security – becomes the “power of the Nation”.

Poland conceived as the Homeland – a community of people attached to traditions cherished in the families for generations – has been and is able to overcome any adversity. The history of Poland proves that families raising their children in the respect for national traditions and values protected the country against Germanisation and Russification, and in the last century – also against communism. “The Homeland – a Family of Families” – these words of the Primate inscribed on the coin accurately encapsulate the interconnection between the concepts.

Sociological studies conducted in Poland show that Poles value the family the most as a haven where everyone should be guaranteed love and development. In June 2021, the Ombudsman for Children commissioned a survey in which students of selected primary and secondary schools were asked the following question: “Do I feel happy at home?”. Overall, more than 80 percent of teenagers answered “yes”. A comparable group of respondents replied that they felt loved in their family. Surveys in major cities and in the country yielded similar results. The survey demonstrated that, in comparison with a similar study from 2003, the overall satisfaction of children and young people with their family ties had improved.

Enormous credit for this should in the first place go to mothers, who are traditionally responsible for the upbringing of children. It should also go to fathers who – jointly – with love and responsibility provide security to the family. There is no greater love, no deeper sense of existence and no greater respect for the fellow human being than in a mutually supporting family!

Jan Żaryn