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Friendship and Brotherhood Are the Greatest Wealth

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to one of the largest humanitarian crises in the recent history of this part of the world. From the very beginning of the war, tens of thousands of Ukrainians, mostly women and children, found shelter in Poland every day. Already at the border, everyone received necessary assistance. Millions of refugees have been welcomed into the homes of Polish families and no one has been left without a roof over their heads. The Ukrainians defending their homeland gratefully emphasise that the most important things for them are the safety of their loved ones, kindness towards their families and schooling of their children.

Solidarity with those fighting for freedom is one of the foundations of the Polish identity. The aid given to Ukrainian refugees from the first days of the war is a demonstration of the Christian attitude of Poles, which has its origins in religion, humanitarianism and the native ethos of service to those in need.

Poland has been one of the most active supporters of Ukraine in its struggle for independence. Poland has spared no effort or resource in supporting it, and has donated a substantial part of its own weapons to the fighters. Both Ukrainians and Poles know perfectly well that more unites them than divides them, and nothing can more precious than the treasure of mutual friendship and brotherhood.

Artur Adamski

The obverse of the coins features ribbons in the colours of the Ukrainian and Polish flag. They are decorated with the emblem of Ukraine and the image of the Eagle established as the state emblem of the Republic of Poland. The bottom part of the coins features decorative drawings of human figures. The compositions symbolise the current situation in both countries: the Ukrainian coin depicts dangers of the war and the people’s resistance, and the Polish coin – help and compassion.

The reverse of the Polish and the Ukrainian coins depicts two figures sitting at a table, sharing bread and wine. Below them, there is a decorative element. When the two coins are put together, it forms – against the background of the tablecloth – a flower symbolising hope, life and growth.