Interesting facts

The Mint of Poland created the world's first flying coin

The Mint of Poland has created the world's first coin that floats in the air. The authors of the pioneering UFO MP-1766 project were inspired by the slogan 'The sky is not the limit'. The international premiere of the coin took place during the Technical Forum in Berlin, held as part of the prestigious industry event World Money Fair 2024. The Mint's original solution aroused great interest among experts and fair participants.

The UFO MP-1766 coin confirmed that the Mint of Poland, not without reason, is currently considered to be one of the most innovative in the world - it consistently sets trends and creates a market benchmark.

- Our coin is a result of the hard work of a wide group of Mint of Poland experts, who can carry out the most ambitious concepts. We set the UFO in motion thanks to a motor hidden inside of the coin. The electromagnetic field generated between a special base and the aforementioned motor creates a tunnel in which our spacecraft floats in the air. Presented at the Technical Forum in Berlin, the coin is a prototype. The MP-1766 UFO will probably reach a wider audience in the second quarter of this year – says Łukasz Karda, Director of the Technical and Production Planning Department at the Mint of Poland.

The pioneering project of the Mint of Poland elevated its creators to a completely different level of minting art, both in terms of the use of modern technology and artistic vision. In addition to the implementation of the original concept, the form and design are also noteworthy. The UFO is not only a flying object, but also glows in the dark - the effect was achieved through the use of fluorescent paint cured with UV light. To emphasize the aesthetic qualities more fully, digital printing and selective copper plating were used in the production process.

The globally unique design of the UFO MP-1766 combines a wealth of manufacturing experience, gained over nearly 260 years (hence the year 1766 in the name), with advanced technology and futuristic aesthetics. Bold artistic concepts and innovation in production are unquestionable hallmarks of the Mint of Poland's operations.
- More than a decade ago, we were the first in the world to produce a spatial coin. We then were perpetually surprising with further ambitious projects in a non-standard form. Now we are making history yet again, by utilisng our know-how to create the world's first flying coin. Our own design has generated great interest in the industry. Such a great success at the international minting fair, considered to be among the most important and prestigious, fills us with great pride - said Katarzyna Budnicka-Filipiuk, President of the Management Board of the Mint of Poland.

The world's first flying minting masterpiece was made of seven ounces of the highest quality silver. Despite its non-standard form, the coin is legal tender, although its real value is significantly higher than its nominal one.