1 zł. of 1924 harvester [10]

1 zloty of 1924 (harvester)

Subject: History of the Polish Zloty
Face value: 10 pln
Alloy: 925/1000 Ag
Diameter: 32 mm
Weight: 14.14 g
Finish: proof
Mintage: 55000 pcs
On the edge: smooth
Additional: no
Date of issue: 2004-04-21
Issue price: 45 pln
Image of the reverse of the 1924 one-złoty coin. Semi-circumscription: DZIEJE ZŁOTEGO above, on a background of stylised five-pointed stars.

Designer: Andrzej Nowakowski
Image of the Eagle established as the state emblem of the Republic of Poland, top right-hand side. An inscription: 10 / ZŁ and the notation of the year of issue: 2004, on the right under the Eagle. Semi-circumscription: RZECZPOSPOLITA POLSKA (Republic of Poland), above and on the right-hand side. Portrait of Władysław Grabski on the left-hand side, and semicircumscription: WüADYSüAW GRABSKI below. Image of the obverse of the 1924 one-złoty coin in the bottom centre. The Mint's mark m/w: under the Eagle's left claw.

Designer: Andrzej Nowakowski

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1 zloty of 1924

The beginnings of Poland's currency, the złoty, go far back into history. In the second half of the 15th century a new settlement unit appeared in Poland, the Polish złoty, equivalent to 30 groszes. It was used in commercial transactions, financial operations, and everyday payments. The Polish złoty became a unit of currency in 1663, when a 30-grosz coin, equivalent to one złoty and known as a tymf after the name of a mint lessee, was minted. The first złoty banknotes were issued in 1794 during the Kościuszko Insurrection against the Russian partitioning forces. Since 1828 Bank Polski, Poland's first issuing bank, instituted the regular issue of the Polish złoty. The power of tradition was so great that Poles used the złoty in settling transactions until the end ...

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