Aleksander Gierymski [2]

Aleksander Gierymski (1850-1901)

Subject: Polish Painters of the Turn of 19th and 20th Centuries
Face value: 2 pln
Alloy: (CuAl5Zn5Sn1) NG
Diameter: 27 mm
Weight: 8.15 g
Finish: standard
Mintage: 1000000 pcs
On the edge: an inscription, NBP, repeated eight times, every second one inverted by 180 degrees, separated by stars
Additional: no
Date of issue: 2006-12-05
Issue price: 2 pln
An effigy of Aleksander Gierymski from the painting "Self-Portrait with a Palette" of 1891-1892. On the right, a stylised image of a fragment of the painting "Powiśle" of 1883. At the bottom, a semicircular inscription, ALEKSANDER GIERYMSKI 1850-1901.

Designer: Roussanka Nowakowska
An image of the Eagle established as the State Emblem of the Republic of Poland. On the left side, a palette and two paintbrushes. At the bottom, an inscription, 2 ZŁ, at the top, a semicircular inscription, RZECZPOSPOLITA POLSKA (Republic of Poland) and a notation of the year of issue, 2006. The Mint's mark, m/w , under the Eagle's left leg.

Designer: Ewa Tyc-Karpińska

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Aleksander Gierymski

Aleksander Gierymski was one of the greatest Polish painters of the 19th century. His paintings represent a personal journey towards impressionism and the avant-garde trends the representatives of which attempted to create a new painting synthesis, focusing on colour and light. Unwilling to compromise, he was stubbornly creating his own artistic vision, being his own the most severe critic. Already during Gierymski's life, in 1890, Wiktor Gomulicki wrote about him: „Whether he is by the Vistula, Tiber or Isar rivers, he is always himself; and he sheds a ray of his talent and his soul on everything he touches. (...) He never makes the smallest concessions for the sake of common tastes of the mob and seems to seek as little applause, as little he seeks profit from his paintings. ...

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