450 years of the Polish Post [2]

450th Anniversary of the Polish Post

Subject: no
Face value: 2 pln
Alloy: (CuAl5Zn5Sn1) NG
Diameter: 27 mm
Weight: 8.15 g
Finish: standard
Mintage: 1400000 pcs
On the edge: an inscription, NBP, repeated eight times, every second one inverted by 180 degrees, separated by stars
Additional: no
Date of issue: 2008-11-17
Issue price: 2 pln
A stylized image of a mounted post rider on horse of the beginning of 18th century. At the bottom on the right-hand side an inscription: 450 LAT (450th anniversary). Below the inscription a stylized image of a postal trumpet. At the top a circumscription: POCZTY POLSKIEJ (of the Polish Post).

Designer: Robert Kotowicz
An image of the Eagle established as the state emblem of the Republic of Poland, on both sides of the Eagle a notation of the year of issue: 20-08, below the Eagle an inscription: ZŁ 2 ZŁ, in the rim an inscription: RZECZPOSPOLITA POLSKA, preceded and followed by six pearls. The Mint's mark, M/W, under the Eagle's left leg.

Designer: Ewa Tyc-Karpińska

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www.numizmatyczny.pl 3.50
www.omega-numizmaty.pl 4.00
www.monety.gdynia.pl 5.00
www.mdnumi.pl 5.70

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The Polish Post

450 years ago - on 18 October 1558 - king Sigismundus II Augustus [Zygmunt August] issued an official legal act concerning Polish postal service. This day is acknowledged as the beginning of the post in Poland. The King issued the so-called 'A Privilege for Prosper Prowana in the Matter of the Postal Services', where he ordained: ' that we in pursuance of our own and my subjects' convenience, in order that both us, the King, and royal subjects can conveniently to Italy forward letters and manage their affairs there - we initiate a permanent postal route, known under the name of the post office, id est, relay post rider system covering the distance between Cracow and Venice, operating on an ongoing basis in all times and seasons of the year and on particular days'.

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