Vaclav II of Bohemia [50]

Vaclav II of Bohemia

Subject: Treasures of King Stanislaw August
Face value: 50 pln
Alloy: 999/1000 Ag
Diameter: 45 mm
Weight: 62.2 g
Finish: standard
Mintage: 5000 pcs
On the edge: WACŁAW II CZESKI, SKARBY STANISŁAWA AUGUSTA (Vaclav II of Bohemia, Treasures of King Stanislaw August), separated by stars.
Additional: no
Date of issue: 2013-05-22
Issue price: 515 pln
Centrally, a stylised image of the bust of Vaclav II in profile, with a royal crown set on a soft hat with the brim turned up above the King’s forehead. The King is wearing an ermine fur coat, and a decorative chain on his neck. Following the rim, and inscription: VENCESLAUS BOHEMUS followed with a dot. On the left at the bottom, a signature: I. P. H. F.

Designer: Urszula Walerzak
At the bottom, an image of the Eagle established as the state emblem of the Republic of Poland. To the sides of the Eagle, the notation of the year of issue:20-13. Following the rim, an inscription: RZECZPOSPOLITA POLSKA and, following a separating dot, an inscription: 50 ZŁ. Centrally, on a separate surface, an inscription: PRAEMISLAI III./OTTOCARI BOHEMIAE/REGIS FILIUS/PRAEMISLAI I./POLONIAE REGIS GENER,/OBIIT PRAGAE A.D. 1305./REGNI IN POLONIA 5./AETATIS 33. The Mint mark, M/W, below the Eagle, on the right.

Designer: Urszula Walerzak

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Article linked with this coin

Treasures of King Stanislaw August – Vaclav II of Bohemia

Son of Bohemian king Přemysl Ottokar III, son-in-law of Přemysl I [II] king of Poland, he died in Prague Anno Domini 1305, after five years of ruling Poland, at the age of 33, on 24 June. The second medal in the series, on which the coins have been modelled, depicts King Wacław II Czeski (Vaclav II). The series of medals, in similarity to the series of paintings by Marcello Bacciarelli from the 18th century, does not portray several crowned kings of Poland from the Piast dynasty who ruled after Bolesław I Chrobry. The Age of Enlightenment did not value Mediaeval history. Wacław II Czeski is shown from the profile, in a crown on a soft hat, in an ermine robe, with an ornate chain on his neck. On the reverse, there is the following inscription (here in translation): Son ...

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