Alexander Jagiellon [500]

John Alexander Jagiellon

Subject: Treasures of King Stanislaw August
Face value: 500 pln
Alloy: 999.9/1000 Au
Diameter: 45 mm
Weight: 62.2 g
Finish: standard
Mintage: 600 pcs
Additional: no
Date of issue: 2016-12-07
Issue price: 12000 pln
The coin’s reverse depicts the king’s bust based on the medal, shown in profile facing left (modelled on a painting by Marcello Bacciarelli). The king is wearing a beret with an ostrich feather; he is dressed in a fur coat and a caftan underneath, over which the king is wearing a chain with a pendant.

Designer: Anna Wątróbska-Wdowiarska
The coin’s obverse reads in translation (the text from the medal’s reverse is slightly abbreviated): Casimir’s fourth son, by whose orders Chancellor Łaski consolidated and published the legislation. He died in Vilnius A.D. 1506 at the age of 45, in the 5th year of his reign, on 19 August.

Designer: Robert Kotowicz

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Alexander (1501–1506)

Alexander, born in 1461, was placed on the throne of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in 1492 according to his father’s will; his elder brother John Albert was then elected King of Poland, as a consequence of which the Polish-Lithuanian personal union was severed for 9 years. After Alexander’s ascension to the Polish throne in 1501, the union was reinstated under the act signed in Mielnik. As Grand Duke of Lithuania and then King of Poland, Alexander conducted unsuccessful wars over eastern territories of Lithuania, which were ultimately lost to the Grand Principality of Moscow in 1503. In 1495, he married Helena, a daughter of Ivan III, Grand Prince of Moscow. Alexander spent most of his time in Lithuania, delegating the rule of Poland to senators and his brother, ...

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