Ladislas Vasa [500]

Ladislas Vasa

Subject: Treasures of King Stanislaw August
Face value: 500 pln
Alloy: 999.9/1000 Au
Diameter: 45 mm
Weight: 62.2 g
Finish: standard
Mintage: 600 pcs
Additional: no
Date of issue: 2020-12-03
Issue price: 18000 pln
The reverse of the coin features the bust of the king, transferred from a medal (according to a painting by Marcello Bacciarelli) with the profile facing left, with a curled mustache and a small beard, with a wide-winged hat adorned with an ostrich feather and a jewel, with hair falling over his shoulders, in a cuirass and a caftan, in a lacy turndown collar, with a favour on the bow, or the “knot of love”, and with the Order of the Golden Fleece on a chain.

Designer: Anna Wątróbska-Wdowiarska
The obverse of the coin features a slightly shortened version of the text engraved on the reverse of the medal (in translation): Son of Sigismund Vasa and Anne of Austria, during his father’s lifetime he was elected Grand Duke of Moscow in the Lord’s year 1610, after his father’s death he inherited the title of the King of Sweden. Victorious, he freed Smolensk from the siege. He died childless, among lost hopes for many kingdoms, in Merecz in the year of our Lord 1648, at the age of 53, in the 16th year of his reign, on May 20.

Designer: Robert Kotowicz

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Ladislas Vasa

The seventeenth coin of the series depicts Ladislas IV of the Vasa dynasty, the son of the king of Poland and Sweden, Sigismund Vasa, and Anne Habsburg of Austria. He was elected Polish king in November 1632 and crowned in Cracow in February 1633. Widely liked and respected, he was called the “ruler of four kingdoms” because as a prince he was elected tsar of Russia (1610–1613), in 1619 he was offered the Czech crown and because he remained the titular king of Sweden until his death.

Ladislas Vasa was born in 1595 in Łobzów. Carefully educated, as an efficient commander he waged many wars with Russia, Turkey and Sweden, usually obtaining favourable peace conditions. In domestic policy, with the country’s good economic situation, he regulated ...

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